Web application penetration testing services

While Your Competitors In The UK Waste Money On Standard Penetration Testing, You Can Enjoy The Rewards Of Doing It Right
  • Real-world attack simulations for reliable results
  • Manageable fixes that won't overload your team
  • Access to AI-driven Cyber Chief AppSec software
  • See for yourself why we get reviews
  • CISSP, CEH & Crest accredited security testers
  • Customised test plans to maximise your ROI
  • Test results delivered while your team sleeps
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Key factors you should consider when partnering with a UK penetration testing company

Is your ultimate goal just a secure app or are you looking for a commercially-driven ROI?
Have you selected the frameworks against which you want your penetration tests performed?
What outcomes will help your dev team minimise the time they spend fixing security vulnerabilities?
Do you want an automated security scan or full grey-box penetration testing?
Do you have accreditations like ISO27001 or SOC2 that require this pen test?
What scenarios in your app do you consider high risk?
How will you ensure that vulnerabilities don't re-appear during future sprints?

Your answers to these key questions will determine the scope, speed, cost and final ROI of your penetration testing project.

Don't worry if you don't have all the answers yet - it's our job to help you gain this clarity with the help of our experience.

Do you know the security questions that your prospects never ask you? We do. That's why we can help you answer them before your prospects make their own (wrong) conclusions.

Our penetration testers have accreditation & praise from globally renowned organizations

Truly professional security experts with a deep knowledge on pen testing. We are happy about the issues your team found and helped us resolve them quickly. Highly recommended.
HRtech SaaS CTO - with over 3000 customers globally

Excellent work. Not only running standard checks but checking based on business logic too. Will recommend to everyone and looking forward to working with you regularly!
Enterprise SaaS CEO - differentiating her solution in a crowded market based on security resilience

They identified a number of genuine issues, and provided a clear, actionable report that enabled us to address the issues promptly and efficiently. Professional, commercially aware, and we look forward to working with them over the coming years.
MedTech SaaS CEO - prior to large 7-figure raising Series A

The Audacix security did amazing job with Pen Testing. They are really knowledgeable in security testing field. Their communication and organizational skills were great. Happy that we chose the CyberChief subscription!
CRM SaaS CIO - with over 11,000 customers globally

Our pen testing methodology delivers tremendous ROI

Our expert security testers can use a combination of the following types of penetration testing in order to secure your enterprise and SaaS web applications and network:
  • Black box web application security testing to identify security vulnerabilities in web applications that are in production
  • White box security tests with efficient code scanning that allow you to build secure web applications from the first line of code
  • Third-party component analysis to isolate security vulnerabilities in third-party components used in your web applications
  • Automated & manual penetration tests by experienced & certified security testers to deduce the real security state of your web apps

Scope & Threat Modeling
We understand your goals from the security testing project and model the most likely and serious attack vectors

Automated Test Enumeration
The latest security testing tools allow us to explore the number of potential vulnerabilities within your application and network

Manual Penetration Testing
Our security testers explore vulnerabilities found through automated tests and other reported threats according to your customised test plan

Immediate Vulnerability Reporting
We communicate all emergency and critical vulnerabilities to you immediately so that your dev team can resolve them without delay

Detailed Report with Resolutions
Our professional reports include potential best-practice resolutions for each vulnerability along with other important information

Validate Vulnerability Resolution
Retests allow us to validate that your team has in fact resolved the reported vulnerabilities and issue you a certification document

Maximising penetration testing ROI is not about finding every vulnerability under the sun,
but finding and fixing those vulnerabilities that can actually be exploited by hackers.

Because we understand this difference, we can maximise your ROI.

Why you should choose Audacix for pen testing services in UK

Actionable Reporting
  • You will appreciate our summaries: suitable for management reporting
  • The dev team gets in-depth discussions of suggested fixes
  • We provide best-practice resolutions for every vulnerability
  • Your team won't have to waste time with extra research
Customised Test Plans
  • So that you don't waste precious time & money
  • We follow best-practice frameworks from OWASP, PTES & NIST
  • Your test plans are tailored to your needs & desired outcomes
  • This helps you maximise your ROI & benefit from a targeted approach
Fixed Price Quotes
  • So that you know what you're getting and by when
  • Certainty that helps you make AppSec a regular part of your dev cycle
  • Helps to eliminate invoice-shock for you
  • Helps you to invest cash to other critical business needs
CyberChief.ai Program
  • AI-driven system to help your team secure your application & network
  • On-demand vulnerability assessments & full pen tests that align with your sprints
  • Control cashflow with affordable monthly subscriptions
  • Build a culture of security & measure your progress

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5 compelling reasons why SaaS companies, government departments & large corporates trust our pen testing services:
Fixed-pricing with no "invoice-shock" for you"
Customised testing that works with your business rules
Stress-free process where we bring all the tools
Immediate reports for critical vulnerabilities
Frictionless pen testing that aligns with your development cycle
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