Penetration Testing Services (Pen Testing)
There is only one way that you and your users will sleep peacefully: by proactively uncovering & resolving cybersecurity weaknesses to secure your web & mobile applications.
You will appreciate our pen testers ability to find vulnerabilities in your application & network. Your app's users' will appreciate the effectiveness of the resolutions we recommend.
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What is penetration testing (pen testing) & what do I get?

A penetration test validates the cyber security defences of your applications, network infrastructure and even your team members. Our security testers are highly trained and certified ethical hackers.

They are experts at identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities and suggesting best-practice resolutions. You will sleep better knowing that your applications and network are secure, before they are attacked.

Exploration Of Security Threats

  • In your code, particularly custom code
  • Scanning of network infrastructure
  • Auditing security policies & response handling

Vulnerability Prioritisation

  • We do not overload you with a flood of vulnerabilities & demand that they all be resolved immediately
  • Instead, our prioritisation matrix helps you focus on the most critical vulnerabilities first
  • This approach enables us to maximise your ROI by focusing our efforts in the right places

Vulnerability Depth Assessment

  • Our pen testing experts determine how each vulnerability can be exploited
  • This will help you understand the extent to which your application and network may be compromised

Resolution & Compliance

  • Our detailed reports help you communicate results to management & development teams
  • We don't just list each security vulnerability, we also provide you best-practice fixes
  • Effective cybersecurity isn't just about fixing code, so we help you to understand other processes that help to harden your cybersecurity defences

When do I need pen testing & what is covered?

If your application utilises custom code then it is vitally important that your team conducts security testing with every release that includes a change in the code base, because:
Custom code accounts for 93% of an application’s overall vulnerabilities.
Depending on your specific needs we can tailor our security testing engagement to cover all or any combination of the following types of assets within your IT program.
Software applications
Pen testing for web applications, mobile applications, APIs & web services
Network infrastructure
Identifying security vulnerabilities in your app servers & other network assets
PCI DSS Compliance
Ongoing compliance with the standard without fuss & extra headaches
Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)
We manage workstation & server patching, cyber attack response, detect unusual activity
Or contact us on +61 3 7001 1430 or +44 20 3411 4974 if you're in the UK or email solutions[at]

Why you should choose Audacix for pen testing services

Actionable Reporting
  • You will appreciate our summaries: suitable for management reporting
  • You get in-depth discussions: suitable for technical teams
  • We provide best-practice resolutions for every vulnerability
  • This helps you easily understand what you need to do to and why
Customised Test Plans
  • So that you don't waste precious time & money
  • We follow best-practice frameworks from OWASP, PTES & NIST
  • Your test plans are tailored to your needs & desired outcomes
  • This helps you maximise your ROI & benefit from a targeted approach
Fixed Price Quotes
  • We believe that pen testing shouldn't cost you an arm & a leg
  • Our tailored security testing plans, allow us to offer fixed price quotes
  • This eliminates any bill-shock for you
  • It helps you to devote cash to other critical business needs
Gold Program
  • A managed service approach to securing your application & network
  • Regular testing to ensure your cybersecurity defences are hardened
  • We take care of the constant stress of your cyber security
  • This helps you focus on achieving your other business goals

Get your fixed price penetration testing quote

5 compelling reasons why SaaS companies, government departments & large corporates trust our pen testing services:
You get a fixed-price quote with no "invoice-shock"
Customised test plans will save you time & money
Enjoy a hassle-free process where we provide all the tools & know-how
Immediate reports for emergency & critical vulnerabilities
Actionable resolutions that your dev team will understand clearly
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