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SAP automated testing tool by Qsome

Why should you invest in SAP ECC ERP & CRM test automation using our Qsome test automation tool?

Say goodbye to...

   High ongoing costs of hosting testing infrastructure

   Wasting more time maintaining your tests than running them

   Being unable to automate true end-to-end test scenarios

   Managing test cases & datasets in multiple Excel files

   Using multiple testing tools for the different software you test

   Running SAP ECC tests in silos & facing bugs in production

Best test automation tool for SAP

Say hello to...

   SAP test automation tool that works with all SAP Modules & RFCs

   End-to-end testing of all workflows, even with external apps

   No-code test automation tool that works with natively with SAP

   Minimal test maintenance burden because of smart test design

   Custom SAP testing framework for faster automated test creation

   "Done-for-you" SAP testing services with guaranteed results

Gartner estimates that validating changes consumes 40 cents in every dollar spent on ERP support. Are you paying too much for SAP ERP & CRM testing & would you like to see a better way?

Get scalable, low-maintenance test automation for SAP ECC, at speed

Because It's Easy To Get Started & Easy To Keep It Going

No-code test automation tool for SAP ERP & CRM

Unlike traditional SAP ECC testing tools or even Selenium, our Qsome test automation tool does not need you to have any test automation skills.

Simply "record-n-play" your user journeys to start automating them.

Qsome will handle:

  • Writing editable & scalable test scripts
  • Parameterising your scripts to increase re-use
  • Version control so that you have a single source of truth

So that you can finish test development quickly. How easy is that?

Use existing Excel files to create data-driven tests

Data-driven tests empower you to ensure that every negative scenario within your SAP ECC workflows is tested consistently.

Our Qsome test automation tool's allows your team to add data sets without having to write a single line of code. Or you can upload data sets from Excel or CSV files.

The added benefit is that all test artefacts, reside not on testers' local hard-drives, but in a secure, single source of truth.

This helps you speed up test development & makes your SAP ERP & CRM testing program more cost-effective.

Increase test coverage by testing end-to-end user journeys

Unlike traditional testing tools, Qsome allows you test multiple systems in one test model.

Building automated tests using user journeys allows your tests to align with your business processes, especially when the processes goes beyond your SAP system.

By doing this you're automating not just regression or integration tests, but also your UAT. Your business users will thank you for not treating them like a cheap testing team.

Reduce maintenance-cost with Qsome's SAP ECC automation framework

Qsome's SAP-specific framework reduces the complexity & size of your test scripts. For you this means that:

  • Your test maintenance cost is slashed
  • Your team spends less time building your SAP ECC tests & more time running them
  • Test maintenance can be done by people who have no automation experience

You can see how your ROI goes through the roof, right?

Want to see how SAP ERP & CRM test automation should be in the digital age (and even get a free trial to see how our Qsome testing tool works in your environment)?

Run parallel tests from your CI/CD pipelines

With Qsome, your team need no testing experience or coding skills to:

  • Run tests in parallel
  • View test results, including videos & screenshots
  • Re-run failed tests

Plus, you can run SAP ECC automated tests from your CI/CD pipeline by calling Qsome's secure APIs.

Continuous testing for SAP ERP & CRM is not a pipe-dream, it's available for you now to ensure that you go live every time with zero bugs.

Real-time analytics dashboard & enterprise-ready reporting

You will no longer have to manually create reports for the people that want your updates.

Qsome's real-time test analytics dashboard gives you in-depth oversight about your release readiness. Downloadable PDF reports allow you to keep stakeholders in the loop when required.

Reporting is streamlined to ensure your people receive the amount of detail they need: summary reports for management-level stakeholders & detailed reports for engineers.

Schedule your demo to understand what this real-time data will mean for your testing practice.

Enterprise-grade security

If you only want on-premise installations, we can do this for you. However, we also make it a no-brainer for you to move your SAP ECC test automation to the cloud with enterprise-grade security controls.

Our cybersecurity policies comply with the controls stipulated by certification frameworks like ISO27001 and SOC2, which is why some of the world's largest companies trust us.

Read more about our enterprise-grade security practices >>

Why choose Audacix as your SAP ERP testing partner?

Because Gartner Says A Good Testing Program Has 4 Elements, With Us You Get More

Gartner Says Your Testing Program Need These Things

Continuous Testing: The ability to achieve continuous quality and mitigate risks before progressing to subsequent software development life cycle stages

Intelligent Testing: The ability to provide advanced, self-optimizing and adaptive automated testing

Progressive/Responsive Web Apps/Native Mobile Testing: The ability to simplify the automated testing of native, progressive and responsive web applications

Continuous Testing: The ability to achieve continuous quality and mitigate risks before progressing to subsequent software development life cycle stages

Source: Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation

But With Us You Get Gartner's List + These Extra Benefits

You benefit from our team's problem solving ability, which results in better support & faster results for you.


You'll enjoy full control with real-time insights so that your testing is delivered on time, every time.


On Qsome, your tests will be built quicker, they will run quicker and need less maintenance.

Guaranteed Results

We can promise you that we will deliver your requirements on time and for a fixed investment.

Qsome co-founder Ayush Trivedi on automating testing for SAP ERP
When you realise that the old methods don't work any more, you'll find our new approach practical, refreshing and the best bang for your buck!
Ayush Trivedi, Audacix Co-founder

So you have a SAP testing tool & you can help us do the testing?

Yes, it's a done-for-you SAP test automation solution with guaranteed results

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