Automated software testing for Oracle EBS ERP
Test automation for Oracle EBS ERP
  • Test automation tool that works with EBS 12.1.3 & 12.2.x
  • End-to-end UI & API testing for all EBS modules, including Oracle Forms
  • On-premise & cloud-based continuous testing capability
  • Reduced test maintenance burden because of smart test design
  • Utilises Selenium & Appium for full coverage of EBS & digital assets
  • "Done-for-you" Oracle EBS testing services with guaranteed results
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Is there a business case for Oracle EBS test automation?

One-third of the cost of a package implementation is being spent on software quality issues, and testing accounts for 40% of maintenance efforts.
Thomas Murphy, Gartner Analyst
There are 6 compelling reasons why you must invest in automating your Oracle EBS tests:
  • Save money by automating not just EBS tests, but also the integrations between EBS & your digital apps
  • Don't restrict testing to just single modules, but conduct end-to-end user journey testing too
  • Increase productivity by freeing up functional experts to improve alignment with the business
  • Minimise risk of financial & reputation loss by eliminating the common mishaps of EBS delivery
  • Reduce the compliance cost of staying up-to-date with new EBS patches & releases
  • Align EBS with digital using one testing ecosystem that doesn't need multiple licenses

Gartner estimates that validating changes consumes 40 cents in every dollar spent on support EBS. Are you paying through the nose for something that can be fixed?

Scalable, low-maintenance automated testing for Oracle EBS, at speed

Save money by not spending extra on test infrastructure

Unlike traditional Oracle EBS testing tools, our Qsome test automation tool comes with all testing infrastructure out-of-the-box.

By using our ready-made cloud-based testing infrastructure, you will save money by:
  • Not having to spend on testing nodes or testing devices
  • Not having employ someone just to manage your EBS testing tool
  • Never having to pay for new updates or bug-fixes for your testing tool
  • Enjoying support services that come complimentary with your subscription

Queue up data-driven tests without coding

Data-driven tests shouldn't just be about happy flows. They should empower you to ensure that negative flows are appropriately handled.

Qsome's design allows your team to add data sets for happy flow and negative tests without having to write a single line of code.

The added benefit for your test management efforts is that all test artefacts, particularly data sets, reside not on testers' local hard-drives, but in a secure, single source of truth.

This is just one aspect of minimising your maintenance test burden and therefore making your EBS testing program more cost-effective.

Increase test relevance by testing end-to-end user journeys

The business workflows that you entrust to Oracle EBS aren't restricted by the boundaries of your EBS modules. So why should your testing be restricted by technical EBS boundaries?

For example, a purchase order may be raised by marketing/IT/logistics, pass through procurement and then require finance approval. By testing user journeys you have the power to validate whether EBS is aligned with your business processes.

You'll agree that this approach is lifesaver where you have digital applications that integrate with your EBS environment. It allows you to demonstrate real business outcomes, beyond testing EBS as just another tick-box exercise.

Learn more about model-based testing >>

Reduce maintenance-cost with our Oracle-compliant framework

Our Oracle EBS test automation framework removes the complexity from your test scripts and shortens your test scripts. This means that your test maintenance cost is massively reduced.

EBS test automation often fails or is maintenance-heavy because automation frameworks have difficulty in locating objects - particularly Oracle Forms. You will not suffer this problem because the Qsome framework shoulders the burden of recursively locating objects.

This means that your test automation scripts are easier to write and it is faster to amend them when your user journeys change. When you consider that Qsome automatically separates object locators and data sets from the test scripts, you enjoy the immense cost savings.

Want to see how Oracle EBS test automation should be in the digital age (and even get a free trial)?

Run parallel tests without code or from CI/CD pipelines

Your team will need no testing experience or coding skills to add new data sets, run tests in serial or parallel, view test results (including videos & screenshots) and send bugs to developers to fix.

Plus you can initiate automated tests of EBS and any connected digital applications from your CI/CD pipeline by calling secure APIs and feeding test data back to your development environment.

Continuous testing for Oracle EBS is not a pipe-dream, it's available for you now.

Real-time analytics dashboard & customised reporting

You will no longer have to manually create reports for the many stakeholders that want your updates.

Our real-time test analytics dashboard gives you current and historical oversight about your release readiness. Downloadable PDF reports allow you to keep stakeholders in the loop when required.

A lot of test data is captured by our Qsome system so if you need customised reports, they can be easily built when you need them.

Schedule your demo to understand what this real-time data will mean for your testing practice.

Enterprise-grade cloud security

If you only want on-premise installations, we can do this for you. However, we also make it a no-brainer for you to move your EBS test automation to the cloud with enterprise-grade security controls.

Our cybersecurity policies comply with the controls stipulated by certification frameworks like ISO27001 and SOC2. We also have CSA Level 1 certification.

Read more about our security practices >>

So you have a EBS testing tool & you can help us do the testing?

That's right. We've got a "done-for-you" Oracle EBS testing solution that includes everything you need.

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