Test Your Mobile App In Days Minutes, Without Writing Any Code

Qsome works with mobile apps on all platforms. You don't need any test automation expertise to start automating your software tests.
iOS mobile app test automation by Qsome
Android mobile app test automation by Qsome
Mobile app test automation by Qsome
Mobile app automated testing by Qsome
Test automation for iOS by Qsome
Test automation for Android by Qsome

Qsome Is A Test Automation Tool For Mobile Apps

You can automate testing for your mobile app with Qsome without writing any code

If you want to ship your mobile app without bugs and spend minimal time testing, you've come to the right place. Using our Qsome testing tools you can use one automated script to test your application on practically any Android or iOS device. How's that for seamless and powerful mobile app test automation.

Our Qsome mobile app testing tool uses and extends Appium to provide the most comprehensive automated functional testing capability for mobile apps. But the underlying technology is not something you have to worry about. All you need to know is that you can test your native or hybrid mobile app across devices (and browsers) and provide your development team with all the tools they need to fix bugs fast.

If you mobile app is built for or with at least one of these platforms, Qsome can automate your tests:

Automated Testing for Android Apps
Automated Testing for iOS Apps
Automated Testing for Windows Apps
Automated Testing for Zamarin Apps

Slash The Testing Time For Your Mobile App, Delight Your Users & Win Higher Ratings

At Audacix we've built the Qsome testing platform to help mobile app developers reduce testing time from hours and days, to mere minutes. That is a lot of extra time to help you release new apps and new features to achieve your core business goals.

While successful test automation is only a component of a sound mobile app quality strategy, experience tells us that it is a critical component. This is not only because testing verifies the integrity and usability of the apps you release, but also because the amount and robustness of test automation in use directly correlates with the speed and accuracy of your development program, and your ability to achieve key business goals.

Audacix automated mobile testing solution backed by our Qsome test automation tool is proven to deliver valuable outcomes and business benefits for all mobile applications programs. Our customers save multiples for every dollar spent with us and use the savings to focus on innovation that grows their business.

Unlike traditional mobile app testing methodologies, our approach achieves results because it successfully combines people and practical strategies with a testing platform that is fit for purpose. We bring together effective test planning, management, the best functional test automation tools and load testing into an full-featured mobile app testing solution that saves time and allows your teams to get on with helping your business grow.

A drop in app store rating form 4.6 to 4.3 can reduce downloads by 60%!
Can you afford to take the risk?

The Business Case For Mobile App Test Automation

A thorough mobile app testing can help identify the most common problems that lead to lower reviews, such as instability and slow performance.
Cheylene Thongkham, Mobile App Testing Guru
Successful mobile app testing programs have three characteristics in common: integrated testing with all backend systems, fast results that can be immediately actioned and a testing tool that makes life simpler for the entire team.

The extent to which these characteristics work in unison dictates not only the cost and time savings that can be achieved, but also the additional revenue or profit-generating business value that the mobile app program can drive. The exact numbers that prove the ROI of automated testing programs will make you wonder why you haven't yet invested in automated testing for mobile apps.

The business case to invest in mobile app test automation centres around 6 compelling outcomes:
  • Be more agile and use the full power of automation to deliver bug-free applications
  • Spend less time “keeping the lights on” and focus revenue growth by releasing critical features faster
  • Find and understand bugs before users do, so you can provide the best possible user experience
  • Ensure faster compatibility with changing user demands and mobile devices
  • Minimise risk of financial and reputation loss by catching bugs before they reach users
  • Reduce your reliance on hard-to-find manual / crowd-sourced testers who will always miss bugs

Benefits of Qsome's Automated Software Testing Tool For Mobile Applications

End-to-End System Coverage

Mobile applications seldom work in a vacuum. So our automation of end-to-end processes encompasses all applications in the ecosystem and the various devices on which the user journey is undertaken. Our test automation doesn't just test features, it ensures that you deliver the exact experience and benefits that your users expect from their interactions.

Reduce Testing From Hours To Minutes

Our mobile test automation framework allows a user with no testing experience to execute a batch of automated tests with zero training and only a few clicks. Executing automated tests is made faster and smarter with ourQsome testing tools where functional tests that normally take hours or days can be run in mere minutes. Can your current tests run this fast?

Delight Your Users Every Release

When test automation is applied to the entire application ecosystem, even beyond just the mobile app, the benefits to revenue are only enhanced. The automated regression suite delivers an incremental return on investment every time a test is executed. Not only do you save money during each test run, but your team also saves precious time that can be reinvested in innovation to help the top line.

Ready to witness the magic?

Key Differentiators That Achieve These Benefits

Assets Created
Traditional QA:
Test Cases
Audacix's Approach:
End-To-End User Stories
Test Scope Generation
Traditional QA:
Manually By Humans
Audacix's Approach:
Automated Based on Risk
Release Sign-Off
Traditional QA:
Based On Gut-Feel
Audacix's Approach:
Based On Objective Data
Traditional QA:
Development Team
Audacix's Approach:
The Business

If you are building or maintaining mobile applications, talking to us about how the Qsome solution could work its magic on your testing program.

To find out more about how Audacix's automated testing solution for mobile apps may help you, or for a personalised demo of our Qsome software testing tool.