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Find out how it could be a game-changer for your company:
Achieve higher margins & more profitability on testing services
Differentiate yourself from competitors with an innovative product
Solve a real problem for your customers
Get sales support from the Audacix team

Go live quickly with our testing tools and / or services to deliver instant results to your customers

Offer your customers embarking on a digital journey an automated testing solution that is built for digital

Quickly automate integration testing of interdependent applications across browsers, devices and OSs

Earn trust from customers for providing them with an innovative testing solution that helps them innovate

Increase revenues from automated software testing & earn a great share of customers' wallets

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Frequently Asked Questions

We require partners to be engaged in the information technology industry in a consulting or operational capacity. Prospective partners should be able to evidence an active customer that holds them in good standing.

While some partners may also resellers of competing solutions, we want to be sure that we are partnering for the right reasons that will bring future mutual benefits.
Depending on the partnership tier into which you enrol, you or your company may need to purchase subscriptions to our Platform. We see this as integral to developing your understanding of our solution and therefore your ability to communicate Audacix's value to your customers.
Partnership agreements will depend on the partnership tier that you are in. We will go through the relevant partnership agreement together once we agree that a partnership between Audacix and your organisation is mutually beneficial.

Our partnership agreements are designed to protect our intellectual property whilst allowing you to grow your business too. We want you to be a part of our growth story and vice versa.
We have customers across Australasia, Asia and the United Kingdom. Because our solution is cloud-based it can be delivered to any corner of the globe. We are interested in hearing from potential partners who are passionate about what they do and are committed to providing world-class solutions to their customers, irrespective of their location.
All entities within the partner organization who sign the contract and are owned by this organization (holds more than fifty percent of the shares or voting right), can leverage program benefits. The partnership agreement that you sign with Audacix will be able to provide further information.
You are free to define your own models of engagement and associated pricing. For obvious reasons, your decisions will be influenced by how you offer Audacix's broader solution which includes Qsome testing tools. We will provide best-practice recommendations where necessary.
To help you illustrate your efforts and commitment, program levels are associated with program benefits for your company. They also showcase your company’s expertise and commitment to delivering business value to our customers. You will also have the opportunity to display a partnership badge commensurate with your partnership tier.
Audacix is happy to provide sales support for well qualified and relevant prospects. We constantly communicate with partners to work out the best way of providing sales support. Marketing support will be provided commensurate with your partnership tier.