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If software testing is a headache for you, let's solve it once-and-for-all. See how the best software teams finish testing in hours & delight their users with every release.
Continuous Software Testing Services
Continuous Software Testing Services
Continuous Software Testing Services

Your digital transformation program should enable speed AND accuracy in your applications ecosystem, in order to help the business achieve its goals. Without one, the other is almost meaningless on its own.

You will also agree that "digital" is not a process, but a way of executing processes. We must be on to something because this is exactly how the great minds at McKinsey & Company think of digital:

We believe that digital should be seen less as a thing and more a way of doing things.
Karel Dörner and David Edelman, McKinsey & Company

Why is continuous testing so important in digital environments?

While continuous testing and test automation is only a component of a sound digital strategy, you're here because you know that it is a critical component. It has been proven that the amount and robustness of test automation in use directly correlates with the speed and accuracy of your digital software program.

Our digital software testing solution is proven to deliver you valuable outcomes and business benefits for all digital applications programs. Like our other clients, you will save multiples of every dollar spent with us. You will then have the freedom to choose how you grow your business with these savings.

Validating changes consumes 40 cents of every dollar spent supporting continuous delivery in digital. Avoid this fate by applying the right strategies.

Do all digital software testing solutions provide continuous testing capability?

Unlike traditional software QA programs, our approach achieves results because it understands the need to combine smart people and practical strategies with a testing platform that is fit for purpose.

To help you focus on achieving commercial business goals, we bring together effective test planning, test management, functional test automation and test analytics into an intuitive software testing tool, Qsome.

Our continuous testing approach to software testing has been specifically designed to help you:
  • Run automated regression tests of end-to-end processes at speed
  • Run integration tests across multiple applications, like real user journeys
  • Run tests across all popular browsers and mobile devices that are used by your users
  • Do all this with a few clicks and with no automation experience
Think of our solution as future-proofing your digital applications landscape. This means that your past investments in continuous testing and test automation won't be wasted as technologies, devices and your users' needs change.

The Business Case For Digital Test Automation

The barrier to achieving success in the software delivery process is likely to be the inability of testers to align testing and automated testing in particular to the development processes.
Paul Gerrard, Digital Testing Guru

Successful digital continuous testing programs have three characteristics in common:

  • Empowered testers who are decision-makers, not data-entry specialists;
  • Tests designed on user scenarios instead of functions or modules; and
  • Testing tools that allow test execution without writing code

When you apply this recipe properly, not only will you achieve cost and time savings, but also the additional revenue-generating opportunities by being more responsive to your customers' needs. That's right, you must stop looking at testing as just a cost-centre, and more as a value maximiser.

The business case to invest in digital test automation centres around 6 compelling outcomes:

  • Be more agile and use the full power of digital to deliver bug-free applications
  • Spend less time “keeping the lights on” & focus on driving real value through innovation
  • Make user journeys, not business processes, the core of your quality verification efforts
  • Ensure faster compatibility with changing user demands
  • Minimise risk of financial and reputation loss by catching bugs before they reach users
  • Reduce your reliance on hard-to-find and expensive testers

The Ultimate Guide To Test Automation sets out the numbers that will show you the ROI of test automation for digital. You'll wonder why you haven't yet invested in continuous testing for digital.

Benefits of Our Automated Digital Testing Solution

End-to-End System Coverage

Digital applications seldom work in a vacuum. So our automation of end-to-end processes encompasses all applications in the ecosystem and the various devices on which the user journey is undertaken. Our test automation doesn't just test features, it ensures that you deliver the exact experience and benefits that your users expect from their interactions.

Reduce Testing From Days To Hours

Our digital test automation framework allows a business user with no testing experience to execute a batch of automated tests with zero training and only a few clicks. Executing automated tests is made faster and smarter with Qsome's testing tools where functional tests that normally take days can be run in mere hours.

Slash Your Cost of Quality

Automated testing for any large application suite results in long-term costs savings. When that automation is applied to a digital applications ecosystem, the savings are only enhanced. The automated regression suite delivers an incremental return on investment every time a test is executed. Not only do you save money during each test run, but your team also saves precious time that can be applied to innovate faster.

Ready to witness the magic? Ready to see how continuous test automation might work for you?

Key Differentiators That Will Drive Your Results

Assets Created
Traditional QA:
Test Cases
Audacix's Approach:
End-To-End User Stories
Test Scope Generation
Traditional QA:
Manually By Humans
Audacix's Approach:
Automated Based on Risk
Release Sign-Off
Traditional QA:
Based On Gut-Feel
Audacix's Approach:
Based On Objective Data
Traditional QA:
Development Team
Audacix's Approach:
The Business

Test automation tool for digital & packaged applications like SAP, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, JDE, Salesforce, Epicor
If you are planning, managing or holding the purse strings for digital applications, talking to us about how we work our magic could be the difference between diminishing or enhancing your professional reputation.
Ayush Trivedi, Audacix Co-founder