Mobile application penetration testing services
There is only one way that you and your users will sleep peacefully: by proactively uncovering & resolving cybersecurity weaknesses to secure your mobile applications & network.
You will appreciate our pen testers ability to find vulnerabilities in your web applications. Your app's users' will appreciate the speed & effectiveness of the resolutions we recommend.
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Why is pen testing for web applications & APIs so critical?

Dozens of zero-day vulnerabilities are disclosed around the world every day, some by our own team of security testing experts.

Given that your applications likely use an ever-growing technology stack, the complexity and scale of the cybersecurity challenge you face becomes more significant every day.

However, it is never enough to simply uncover the security vulnerabilities in your web application and network.

You will find greater value in learning from us the risk-prioritised ranking of each vulnerability, along with an effective and streamlined solution to resolve the vulnerability.

While securing your web application and network is our aim, you will find that your resulting peace-of-mind is just as valuable.
Our security testers consistently prove our commitment to customers like you everyday with our comprehensive and up-to-date cybersecurity penetration tests that go well beyond the OWASP top 10.

Or contact us on +61 3 7001 1430 or +44 20 3411 4974 if you're in the UK or email solutions[at]

Our pen testing methodology delivers tremendous ROI

Our expert security testers can use a combination of the following types of penetration testing in order to secure your enterprise and SaaS web applications and network:
  • Black box web application security testing to identify security vulnerabilities in web applications that are in production
  • White box security tests with efficient code scanning that allow you to build secure web applications from the first line of code
  • Third-party component analysis to isolate security vulnerabilities in third-party components used in your web applications
  • Automated & manual penetration tests by experienced & certified security testers to deduce the real security state of your web apps

Scope & Threat Modeling
We understand your goals from the security testing project and model the most likely and serious attack vectors

Automated Test Enumeration
The latest security testing tools allow us to explore the number of potential vulnerabilities within your application and network

Manual Penetration Testing
Our security testers explore vulnerabilities found through automated tests and other reported threats according to your customised test plan

Immediate Vulnerability Reporting
We communicate all emergency and critical vulnerabilities to you immediately so that your dev team can resolve them without delay

Detailed Report with Resolutions
Our professional reports include potential best-practice resolutions for each vulnerability along with other important information

Validate Vulnerability Resolution
Retests allow us to validate that your team has in fact resolved the reported vulnerabilities and issue you a certification document

Or contact us on +61 3 7001 1430 or +44 20 3411 4974 if you're in the UK or email solutions[at]

Why you should choose Audacix for pen testing services

Actionable Reporting
  • You will appreciate our summaries: suitable for management reporting
  • You get in-depth discussions: suitable for technical teams
  • We provide best-practice resolutions for every vulnerability
  • This helps you easily understand what you need to do to and why
Customised Test Plans
  • So that you don't waste precious time & money
  • We follow best-practice frameworks from OWASP, PTES & NIST
  • Your test plans are tailored to your needs & desired outcomes
  • This helps you maximise your ROI & benefit from a targeted approach
Fixed Price Quotes
  • We believe that pen testing shouldn't cost you an arm & a leg
  • Our tailored security testing plans, allow us to offer fixed price quotes
  • This eliminates any bill-shock for you
  • It helps you to devote cash to other critical business needs
Cloud Security Warrior Program
  • A managed service approach to securing your application & network
  • Regular testing to ensure your cybersecurity defences are hardened
  • We take care of the constant stress of your cyber security
  • This helps you focus on achieving your other business goals

Get your fixed price penetration testing quote

5 compelling reasons why SaaS companies, government departments & large corporates trust our pen testing services:
You get a fixed-price quote with no "invoice-shock"
Customised test plans will save you time & money
Enjoy a hassle-free process where we provide all the tools & know-how
Immediate reports for emergency & critical vulnerabilities
Actionable resolutions that your dev team will understand clearly
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