Tuesday, 14 August 2018

How to choose a pen testing company that will deliver you an amazing ROI

Selecting a pen testing company will be one of the most important business decisions you will make. This decision will decide just how well protected your users and your brand is going to be from a cybersecurity perspective. Asking these 6 questions will help you ensure that you choose a penetration testing company that is best suited to helping you secure applications and network infrastructure.

The answers to these 6 questions will ensure that your outsourced pen testing project delivers tremendous value and is not one of those disappointing IT outsourcing situations that we often hear about:
  1. Where do the responsibilities sit between you, the customer, and the external pen testing company?
  2. What type of results has the pen testing company delivered for their other customers?
  3. What results will I get from the pen testing project?
  4. How will our teams communicate with each other?
  5. What can you offer us that your competitors can not?
  6. When can you start? Can you work weekends or after hours?
Remember, as with any technical or business discussion it is not enough to simply rely on the first answer. In order to truly assess capability and alignment with your goals and values, you must delve deeper into every answer that a prospective pen testing company gives you.

Advanced Step: assess commercial sense

Conducting pen tests on a web or mobile application and network infrastructure is like conducting an angiogram on a 60-year old man - you are bound to find something that is not right. However, your team probably doesn't have endless time to keep finding and resolving every security vulnerability under the sun.

That's why the best pen testing services providers employ ethical hackers who not only have great technical skill, but also possess sound commercial sense. This combination of attributes allows pen testing companies like ours to prioritise vulnerabilities by risk and help you objectively prioritise security vulnerability resolution.

This is not an easy characteristic to understand without working with a pen testing company on a real project. However, by talking through the examples of where a pen testing company has demonstrated such commercial sense will likely give you great insight into their capability to deliver you commercial value.

If you need a fixed-fee penetration testing quote and a customised pen testing plan that delivers you tremendous value, speak to us understand why working with Audacix for your pen testing needs will be a decision that delivers an amazing ROI for you, your brand and your users.
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