Tuesday, September 20, 2022

[WEBINAR REPLAY] How to build a culture of security in your software development teams

Building a culture of security in you software development teams is not an easy task, but its crucial if you want to minimise the chances of unforeseen cybersecurity disasters and unfortunate media appearances. 

This webinar replay will help you understand the processes and application security controls that you have to put in place to build a best-practice, sustainable and scaleable application security structure:

Watch the application security webinar now


If you don't have 40 minutes to spare right now, why not book a discovery call with my team where they will take you through what you need to do and how other top SaaS companies have put such structures in place.

On this 30-minute discovery call we will first ask you where you want to go with your application security structure. Then, based on your responses, we will show you how to:

Most importantly this discovery call will not focus on theoretical best-practices that are impractical.

Instead, you will see how other top SaaS companies achieve their software security goals within budget and despite their software engineering teams constantly growing and changing. 

Would that be helpful? 

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