Painless pen testing reports you can show off to your customers

Our reports will help you prove your 7-star security status to your customers. And your dev team will know exactly what to fix & how to fix it quickly. Sound good?

SaaS Penetration Testing Services
Web app penetration testing services
SaaS Penetration Testing Services
SaaS & Web App Penetration Testing Services
Application Penetration Testing Services
Cloud Software Penetration Testing Services
Web App Penetration Testing Services
We weren't expecting the detail that you give us in your reports! They were so detailed & relevant to our tech stack. You gave us a lot more coverage than other last pen testing company.
Zibran Shaikh, Director of Engineering at CleverTap

Choose a penetration testing company that helps you confidently ship your application

With 0 known vulnerabilities every time your devs push new code

Real-world attack simulations & customised test plans for reliable results
Step-by-step fixes with code snippets to help your devs save weeks of effort
Use our Cyber Chief automated pen test tool to maintain your security posture
Get a dedicated Slack channel so that your team's questions are always answered
Maintain & visualise your appsec posture in between manual pen tests
Win more customers by proving you have a best-practice appsec system
Impress investors before your next funding round by proving your security cred
Work with a pen testing partner that understands how SAP is built & deployed, so that your releases aren't delayed & your KPIs are met.
Ayush Trivedi, Co-founder of Audacix

Work with penetration testers who have the the highest accreditations...

And praise from globally renowned organisations

Web App Pentesting Services
Audacix has been very flexible and always endeavoured to provide the best service - and I'm extremely happy.
Dipanjan Biswas, CTO Rudderstack, Enterprise-class customer data platform

Web App Penetration Testing Company
Thank your team for their support throughout our recent pen testing process. Feel free to quote me for the excellent and professional done by your team.
Seng Beo Lee, CEO Taggle Health, after to sealing a large deal with a prestigious public hospital network

Book your discovery call to see how our clients save an average of 6 weeks on their vulnerability patching time

What you get from our web application penetration testing services

Penetration tests of your cloud servers


Penetration tests of your web services & APIs


In-depth pentests inside your web applications

A pen testing service designed to save you time & eliminate frustration

Number Of Manual Pen Tests (Every 12 Months) up to 12
Customised Pen Test Plan
Detailed Report With Vulnerability Fixes
Access to Cyber Chief Automated Pen Test Tool
Find OWASP Top 10 + SANS CWE 25 Vulnerabilities
Manual pentests to ASVS/PTES/NIST Frameworks
Manual Web App + API + Infrastructure Pen Test
Unlimited Retests After Each Penetration Test
Suitable For IS27001/SOC 2 Accreditation
Dedicated Client Success Manager
Vulnerability Patching Assistance
Virtual CISO Services

Web Application Penetration Testing Services
Thank you so's been great working with you. I really admire the timely updates from your end.
K Dutta, Information Security Manager @ Clevertap

Why choose us as your web app pen testing partner?

Save Time Fixing Vulnerabilities
  • In-depth discussions of suggested fixes for your developers
  • Best-practice fixes, with code snippets
  • Summary with key takeaways: suitable for management reporting
  • Improve your ROI because your team won't have to waste time with extra research
Help Patching Your Systems
  • Your team may not have the time to implement all fixes
  • So we have trained engineers & technical experts who can do this for you
  • You can also get help with architecture/DevOps/InfoSec policy reviews
  • This helps maximise your ROI & keep your team focused
The Audacix security did amazing job with Pen Testing. They are really knowledgeable in security testing field. Their communication and organizational skills were great. Happy that we chose the CyberChief subscription!
CRM SaaS CIO - with over 11,000 customers globally
Investment Options That Maximise ROI
  • Helps to eliminate invoice-shock for you
  • Certainty that helps you make AppSec a regular part of your dev cycle
  • Take advantage of pen testing-as-a-service monthly payment options
  • Helps you to invest cash to other critical business needs
Cyber Chief automated penetration testing tool logo
On-Demand Vulnerability Scanning Included
  • Use our Cyber Chief automated pen testing tool
  • Find & fix vulnerabilities in between manual pen tests
  • Vulnerability management built in at no extra cost
  • All the benefits of an in-house security team without the 6-figure cost

See how a frictionless web app penetration test would work for you

6 compelling reasons why the best software teams trust our web app pen testing services:
Fixed-pricing with no "invoice-shock" for you
Customised test plans to give you relevant test results
No loss of your team's productivity while your testing is done
You're in control with our fully transparent frameworks
No scare tactics, just best-practice fixes that save you time
Heavily discounted self-service Cyber Chief vulnerability scans
Web Application Penetration Testing Services
It just gives me a lot of certainty that we're not pushing code with massive security vulnerabilities.
Richard H, Software Development Manager (HealthTech)