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10 FAQs About The Best SAP Automated Testing Tools

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    It's easy to get "analysis-paralysis" when trying to wrap your head around the various SAP automation testing tools available to you.

    But you're hunt for the best SAP testing solution is about to get easier because in this article I've given you a frank and no-BS answer to the 10 critical questions that most decision makers in your shoes have to answer during this process.

    What is SAP automation testing?

    The goal of SAP test automation is to foresee that mission-critical procedures function effectively. Testing is essential when new processes are developed or altered, as well as when SAP upgrades its system.

    That amounts to a lot of testing, and the only way to accomplish this is to automate the testing.

    There are many ways to automate SAP test cases and plenty of tools that say that can help you. But what I will show you here is how to choose from SAP testing tools that will help you:

    • Automate test cases in the shortest amount of time possible.
    • Develop SAP automated tests without hiring expensive test engineers.
    • Maximise the ROI from your SAP testing project.
    • Go beyond keyword driven automation tools to a no-code test automation platform.
    • Get started with cloud-based SAP testing so that you don't have to invest in expensive on-premise infrastructure.

    Why do I need SAP automated functional testing?

    By automating tests, your company will not only build the capacity to test everything they need in a short period but are also assured that their most crucial processes function efficiently.

    Your team will also receive quick and meaningful notifications if there is a bug so that you can resolve it before it adversely impacts the end-user and customer experience.

    A big reason that you need SAP test automation is because of the cost of fixing bugs in production:

    Best SAP Automated Testing Tools

    As your SAP system starts getting regular monthly or quarterly updates and upgrades, testing will become the bottleneck and a major acchilles heel. An insufficient amount of SAP testing could lead to a lot of frustration throughout your business and many lost reputations. I will show you here how all of this is (thankfully) avoidable.

    The SAP processes that require testing will naturally differ from business to business, but regardless of the details, below you will find the factors that you should keep in mind when considering SAP test automation solutions and looking for the ideal SAP test automation tooling for your company.

    Which tool is best for SAP automation?

    There are lots of tools that purport to help you conduct regression testing for complex business process chains. But very few are actually fully-fledged SAP automation testing tools.

    For enterprises, this program allows for simple data processing and framework stability. In terms of methodology and fundamental ideas, your SAP automation testing should follow modern continuous software testing techniques for packaged apps

    However, SAP automation testing requires tools that are compatible with its architecture. This helps you, as the end-user, speed up SAP regression testing development time while increasing test coverage of your end-to-end business processes.

    The right SAP testing activities will improve the efficiency, performance, and authenticity of your SAP operations. The tool that I have selected as the best for SAP test automation projects makes the entire process quick, reliable and easy to maintain in the long term.

    There are a few things you should look for in a SAP automation tool as these will help you set up your SAP automated test workflows much quicker and make it easier for them to work with, resulting in a far greater ROI for your organisation.

    Qsome is one of the most user-friendly and full-featured software testing tools for SAP testing and automating the testing of other apps that integrate with your SAP system.

    It was designed by former head of quality for the SAP business suite to help customers test SAP business processes with minimal regression testing infrastrucure, while increasing testing speed. 

    My team provides extensive customer support for clients who undertake SAP testing using our Qsome solution. Customer satisfaction is prioritized in all services provided by this company, which is supported by efficient communication channels.

    With Qsome, you're one step closer to achieving the the best value SAP testing solution.

    Want to see how Qsome's no-code SAP test automation solution will shave months off your test development time?

    Can SAP be automated using Selenium?

    Selenium is a fantastic tool given that it is open-source and has no license fees. The source code may be extended and modified, and it supports a variety of computer languages.

    While that sounds wonderful on paper, it is difficult to set up and operate in practice, resulting in hefty start-up costs and even higher maintenance costs.

    Plus if you don't exclusively use SAP with Netweaver, you will struggle to automate complex SAP business processes. This is because Selenium can only work with browser-based applications.

    The biggest problem with a custom-build Selenium environment is the amount of time and money you will spend in just keeping it alive. 

    Developing SAP test cases is time-consuming if you have an ill-suited tool, and if you have to spend exhorbitant amounts on maintaining your testing tool AND updating your SAP automated test cases then that just seems like rapidly diminishing returns.

    As a result, using Selenium for SAP testing is not an ideal option. This is because Selenium is a browser-based API, meaning, it does not operate outside of a browser and will not work well with SAP GUI.

    Seasoned SAP people don't choose Selenium for their SAP test automation programme because it cannot provide the high test coverage and ROI that their organisations look for.

    How do you automate a SAP application?

    You are not alone in your quest to automate SAP implementation.

    It is common for organizations to have no idea how to incorporate SAP into their existing processes. As a result, they end up with a system that doesn't meet their needs.

    SAP test automation involves automating the most important build and run tasks for SAP systems and SAP applications.

    SAP's ecosystem is driven by two major factors. There is a widespread industry trend of migrating workloads to the cloud, including SAP workloads, and SAP's own strategy of moving everyone to SAP S/4HANA. 

    Successful automation comes from being extremely reliable and efficient, even at the smallest tasks. As other test automation tasks are built on this foundation.

    There is an inherent need for SAP teams to be connected because of the complexity of SAP ecosystems out there.

    Want my team to show you how to put a scaleable SAP test automation system in place?

    What is cloud-based test automation for SAP?

    Cloud based software testing tools usually devlier frequent innovations that will improve the ROI from your investment in automated SAP regression testing, integration testing and UAT.

    These tools also integrate with your CICD or DevOps pipeines to enable continuous delivery for SAP, build a comprehensive regression test library and reduce your reliance on expensive (and hard to find) test engineers.

    Our Qsome SAP testing solution is a fantastic one-stop solution for all your SAP cloud automated testing needs.

    One of the key benefits identified by Qsome users is the fact that they don't have to manage any testing infrastructure. Users' indiviudal laptops or workstations are never used to executed automated test cases.

    As your SAP system will eventually move to the cloud, you are likely to be able to deliver an unbeatable ROI by investing now in cloud-based SAP automation testing tools like Qsome.

    Which are the best SAP test automation tools in 2022-2023?

    An automated testing process needs to be supported by a strong framework and the right tools as enablers. 

    A significant part of IT business growth is evaluating different tools according to the need of the hour. This is done while keeping in mind the scalability of your SAP and non-SAP apps ecosystem.

    Keep in mind that selecting an SAP testing solution is never an easy task. It requires communication and coordination from the engineering team as well as the delivery team to maximise the ROI of your final decision, as Gartner noted:

    Gartner Best SAP Automated Testing Tools
    The roles of software engineering leaders (typically focused on development) and application leaders (typically focused on deployment) can be seen as overlapping, which may create conflicts or confusion around who is responsible for what in this journey.
    Massimo Pezzini and Kimihiko Iijima, Gartner

    If you feel like your orgnisation needs more guidance on how to navigate these choices with more certainty, book your demo of our SAP testing solution and we can help each member of your team understand in greater detail the choices before them and the consequences of those decisions.

    SAP automated testing tools make life easier for testers by providing handy options and functionalities. It is critical that you invest in a high-quality tool because it will save you a lot of time and increase your ROI

    What criteria can I use to choose the best SAP testing tools?

    With so many options on the market, how can you decide which tool to use? Here are some of the criteria that I recommend you use when choosing a test acceleration solution for your SAP project:

    • Do you need an all-in-one SAP testing solutions?
    • Do you need a testing tool that with functions that allow you to conduct SAP manual testing as well as automation testing?
    • Do your chosen SAP testing tools allow you to automate user acceptance testing too?
    • Will you automate your SAP tests in-house or do you need a top software testing services company?
    • What support does your chosen tool have for the types of performance testing solutions that you might need? 
    • Will your SAP testing tool help you automate testing for all digital applications?

    With increasing program scope, it becomes inevitable that these tools must be able to test your end-to-end test scenarios. It is prudent to select a tool according to a systematic scientific approach, like the criteria above, given the variety of tools available. 

    Hence, this is the list of the best SAP automation tools you need to check out:


    Opkey is a SaaS test automation platform.

    It contains built-in keywords and is used by test engineers to produce automation test scripts utilizing its unique keyword-driven methodology.

    It is a full test automation tool for a web application. Users may also use OpKey to automate non-SAP applications.

    It should be noted that OpKey is not an automation tool in itself, but rather provides a comprehensive end-to-end test automation solution by readily connecting with multiple automation technologies.

    Our Pick: Qsome

    Audacix designed the Qsome test automation tool to meet the dynamic and fast-paced needs and goals of modern SAP functional testing needs. With its powerful features, it is capable of managing both manual testing and automating business process testing for your SAP system.

    The key feature Qsome for SAP is its ability to give you end-to-end, automated SAP test coverage across systems that use SAP GUI, SAP Fiori apps and any other application or API that integrates with your SAP ecosystem.

    Because Qsome works with the SAP UI and RFCs, you can automate regression testing, UAT and integration testing, in one go, without any effort duplication.

    The kicker is that you don't need any SAP automation testing skills on your team to automate test scenarios for your SAP software. Even for users with no previous automated regression testing experience can create and maintain automation tests for your SAP project.

    In order to enable this and to produce faster, simpler, and more cost-effective functional testing of desktop, mobile, and web applications, Qsome employs a customised framework.

    This framework employs many advanced technologies that all work together to help users easily and reliably undertake no-code test script creation and find elements on the SAP UI.

    With a diverse feature set (which includes mobile app test automation out-of-the-box) and user-friendly user experience, I can confidently say that Qsome is currently the most effective SAP automated testing tool on the market.

    Want to see how Qsome's no-code SAP test automation solution will shave months off your test development time?

    SAP Solution Manager

    SAP Solution Manager encourages clients to effectively manage their SAP applications. 

    It facilitates the centralization, enhancement, automation, and improvement of the complete system landscape, thus, lowering the total cost of ownership.

    This SAP automated testing tool also helps customers in changing their architecture to modern requirements, such as the implementation of new business processes.

    SolMan helps to manage your application lifetime of the user's IT solution, whether it is on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-based. 

    However, industry experts that I talk to universally agree that SolMan hasn't really kept pace with modern SAP testing needs.

    Especially so when you consider that your SAP testing needs to work with not just SAP software, but also the other applications that integrate with it.


    Tosca is a popular automation tool developed by Tricentis. This automation tool is a widely used automated testing solutions in the market.

    With the Tosca automated testing tool, the user can obtain an equal number of features for an equal price.

    Tosca test-suite is a business software testing solution that uses the linear expansion or LinearQ approach. It provides the entire test case capability to create an effective test management model.

    Tosca has gained popularity due to its feature-set, but it has a significant capital cost and ongoing opex component primarily because of expensive testing infrastructure and the need to have Tosca-trained automation engineers.

    Want my team to show you how the best SAP users implement test automation system that works first time, every time?

    What about SAP security and SAP penetration testing?

    Your SAP system integrator will likely give you a reasonably good security architecture while implementing it in your environment.

    However, this architecture needs to be constantly reviewed to ensure that it is keeping pace with the fast-changing security landscape.

    You'll agree that this is even more important when you add SAP Fiori elements to your SAP ecosystem.

    Fiori applications are usually cloud-based and internet-exposed. This opens up your entire SAP application to application security risks that may not have been as relevant when SAP was just working within your company's on-premise network.

    Investing in SAP Fiori penetration testing services and SAP Fiori vulnerability assessment tool that works hand-in-glove with SAP Fiori is no longer a "nice-to-have".

    It might be worthwhile for you to book a discovery call with our security experts to get a deeper understanding of SAP penetration testing options.

    Which testing tool is best for SAP Fiori automation testing?

    Fiori is a new user interface design that enhances SAP's GUI and replaces it with a simplified process of approving purchase requisitions, viewing sales orders, and approving timesheets using tiles.

    SAP Fiori provides a role-based user experience that is customizable across all industry sectors, tasks, and devices. 

    SAP designed the SAP Fiori UX with adaptability and simplicity based on input from customers.

    Nonetheless, testing is an essential part of every software development lifecycle. It enables a company to do a thorough evaluation of software and verify that their product meets the demands of their clients.

    Qsome is a software testing tool designed for the dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-changing needs, goals, and standards of modern software development.

    This is the best SAP Fiori automation testing software, designed to enable functional testing of web, desktop, and mobile apps faster, simpler, and budget-friendly!

    Qsome provides a robust set of tools for software test management as well as automated functional software test execution for the most user-friendly SAP Fiori automation testing.

    Can SAP testing tools be used for RPA?

    The use of virtual software robots, or digital bots, to automate manual, time-consuming tasks is known as robotic process automation (RPA).

    As SAP software becomes more complex and pervasive across organisations, RPA will become increasingly important to maintain data integrity and realise the ROI that SAP business cases predicted.

    In SAP, RPA is used to automate processes to improve efficiency. However, not all SAP testing tools have RPA capabilities.

    Although, you should keep in mind that there are certain parallels and variations between the logic of RPA bots and that of humans, which implies that various tasks can be automated differently. 

    Hence, before implementing end-to-end SAP process automation, you should divide the process into discrete tasks, examine each one, select the best strategy for each task, and adjust the workflow accordingly, to make it simpler to automate.

    What are my next steps?

    Best SAP Automated Testing Tools
    The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
    Walt Disney

    It's actually quite simple. If you want a demo of user-friendly SAP testing tools that has no-code SAP test case creation and can handle automation of SAP applications and other non-SAP software, then book a demo and see the magic for yourself.

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